Ken Liu and Wesley Chu at the KGB Bar

                It’s the start of April.  Approximately three months since I posted my resolutions for the New Year.  I can safely say I managed three out of five resolutions.  Not perfect, but not bad either.  The resolutions I managed were numbers 3, 4, and 5.  As you can see from my progress bar, I’ve edited […]

Chinese Americans and the Immigrant Myth

While I was at Goddard, my good friend Rachael queried me on how to ask very politely “Where are you from?”.  She pointed out that every time she has asked a person of non-Asian descent that question she has gotten very eager and enthusiastic responses.  People tell her that they are Irish and then start […]

Chinese American Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer

A friend of mine was recently researching the topic of multiculturalism and the portrayal of minorities in science ficiton and fantasy.  She discovered, to her surprise and mine, that there is actually very little critical writing on this subject.  The result is that I’ve been asking myself, what does it mean to be a Chinese […]