Los Angeles, Chinatown


The club of Asian American Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors is a small one, and those of us who belong to this strange club are scattered far and wide.  The majority of us don’t even have websites.  Because of that, it’s sometimes difficult for us AA SF&F imaginary star-travelers to find each other.  So, here’s me trying to make a very small bridge to compensate.  It’s a rickety bridge, but the world isn’t perfect.

To get an idea of how small this club is Asian Americans in the United States only comprise 5% of the US population.  This is according to the 2010 census.  (Maybe we’ve bumped up to 5.25 for 2012, but I doubt it.)  When you cut that 5% down by those of us who are fiction writers the numbers naturally dwindle even further.  And when you tack on the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy, well…  Let’s put it this way, Google’s Keyword Tool indicates only 0 to 1 people per month “googles” for the term “Asian American Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

I don’t know about other AA SF&F writers, but this makes me feel a little like the existence of this club of ours is nothing more than hints and whispers getting lost in the breeze of some forgotten backyard.  Yet, I know I’m not a mythology.  I exist.

On this page you will find proof of further literary existence in the following categories:

This tiny club of ours may be small, but it obviously matters to someone out there.  If you happen to be the person of the month googling for this phrase, I hope you find what you are looking for here.  I hope I’ve helped.  Feel free to cross this bridge.  We Asian American SF&F authors could use the company.