Ken Liu and Wesley Chu at the KGB Bar

                It’s the start of April.  Approximately three months since I posted my resolutions for the New Year.  I can safely say I managed three out of five resolutions.  Not perfect, but not bad either.  The resolutions I managed were numbers 3, 4, and 5.  As you can see from my progress bar, I’ve edited […]

My First Book

The first book I ever wrote took me three years to complete. I began it at the age of twelve and finished when I was fifteen. I began writing my book at the suggestion of my sister, Daisy, who noted how much I loved reading. “Have you ever thought of becoming a writer?” she asked. […]

The William F. Wu Collection at NYU

So I was perusing Publisher’s Weekly when I came across a notice about an exhibit on Asian American images in U.S. Comics.  On display is the  William F. Wu Collection at New York University’s Bobst Library.  Sponsoring the exhibit is NYU’s Fale Library and Special Collections and NYU’s Asian/Pacific/American Institute.  Opening reception has already passed, […]

Warrior WiseWoman 3 Reviews

Hey Folks. My short story “Baby, Be Mine” is now available in the Warrior WiseWoman 3 anthology.  I’m so pleased.  Click on the cover image to check it out.  Also here’s some of the quotes released about the anthology courtesy of Norilana Books. Norilana Books presents the third volume of an exciting new annual anthology […]

Baby, Be Mine in Warrior WiseWoman 3

Hey Folks! First off my short story “Baby, Be Mine” is coming out in the third annual edition of Warrior Wisewoman come June.  It’s being published by Norilana Books.  My understanding is that it will be available through or barnes and nobles.  If I could I’d go out and buy a bunch of copies […]