Don’t Diss the Serial Novel, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Don’t diss the serial novel.  What is a serial novel you might ask?  A serial novel is similar to a trilogy or a chronicle.  Basically the author decides to release his story in parts, either as individual books or a chapter at a time (actually that’s serialized novels but you catch my drift).  Readers who […]

Bargain E-Books For Thrifty Readers

I realized recently that it’s been a while since my last post, and that just won’t do.   To make it up to you all, here’s a list of websites that highlight bargain e-books for those who don’t mind reading from an e-reader or off a computer. If you prefer print, there is a chance that […]

Old Flames

So for the past week I’ve been looking around my pigsty of a study going I have to do something about this.  Yesterday, I finally did. My main obstacle appeared to be the numerous books I’ve acquired laying scatter-shot about me, and my significant lack of bookshelf space.  Conceding defeat, I realized I had to […]

The Question on Word Processing Programs and What It Really Means

Today’s topic is word processing programs.  I’ve been on websites where newer authors frequently ask older and more seasoned authors, what kind of word processing program is best?  The older and more seasoned authors typically look at each other sadly and say that’s not the point, and everyone is different.  Then the newer authors all […]