Onward With A Free Story, T.V. Guidance

I’ve been away for a little while.  I had some unforeseen personal/health related issues and decided to take a break.  Well, break time is over.  Way over, and I’ve started moving forward again.  By the way of apology,  I’ve decided to post a free story.   I wrote this story a long time ago, but […]

Don’t Diss the Serial Novel, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Don’t diss the serial novel.  What is a serial novel you might ask?  A serial novel is similar to a trilogy or a chronicle.  Basically the author decides to release his story in parts, either as individual books or a chapter at a time (actually that’s serialized novels but you catch my drift).  Readers who […]

Writing Lessons: Playing With Expectations, American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I have been a Neil Gaiman fan since I first read my brother’s latest edition of Sandman back in high-school.  He is an amazing writer, and it is next to impossible not to learn, re-learn, or discover something new when reading his books. That being said, American Gods is the story of the old Gods […]

Writing Lesson: Exposition in BEGGARS IN SPAIN by Nancy Kress

One of my favorite novels is Beggars in Spain.  I’ve read this novel over and over ever since studying it for graduate school, and every single time I am struck by the quality of exposition (AKA the providing of background information).  The primary focus of the novel is Leisha Camden, a woman who was genetically […]

Writing Lesson: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (3 of 3)

We’ve reached the conclusion, the final part of my writing lesson (AKA what I’ve learned) from The Dresden Files.  In case you’ve missed Parts 1 and 2, The Dresden Files is a series of speculative mystery novels starring wizard Harry Dresden as the main investigator.  He solves magical, supernatural, and paranormal problems that no one […]